NovaGear 1.0

Source:Novak Electronics Inc

Novak Electronics’ NovaGear application provides R/C drivers with pinion gear recommendations for their remote control vehicles. Brushless motor and ESC users can now easily determine where to begin with their gearing settings by inputting their vehicle’s specifications into the NovaGear. The NovaGear also provides users with their vehicle’s Internal Drive Ratio. Drivers no longer have to waste time and energy calculating what the NovaGear can do in seconds. Easy-to-use and convenient, this application is a must-have for all R/C enthusiasts.

To find your car’s basic gearing setting, press “New” and select your vehicle’s brand and model; then adjust the ESC Timing, Motor Turn, Final Drive Ratio, and Spur Gear. Once all the information is entered, the NovaGear will calculate final pinion gear recommendation. The Final Drive Ratio and Spur Gear values can be adjusted after they are populated from the NovaGear database to fine-tune the gearing recommendation.

If a customer cannot find their vehicle among the popular brands and cars listed, users have the option to create a custom profile for almost any car. Please note that this application currently does not support roll out vehicles. Supported vehicles are: 2WD Buggy, 2WD Trucks, 4WD Buggy, and Touring Cars. New cars and options will be added to the NovaGear in the future.

As an additional feature, NovaGear provides calculations for rollout. Simply select your tire’s diameter, and NovaGear will calculate the rollout for you!

With the NovaGear, you have the option to save multiple profiles! Simply hit “Save” and enter in a unique profile name.

The help page provides basic instructions, as well as information on how to fine-tune your gearing recommendation and spur gear values.

An in-app email feature lets users email and questions, suggestions or comments to Novak. The Glossary defines terms and clarifies definitions.

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OS:Android 1.1 and up

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